Thursday, December 13, 2012

Making Money on YouTube

Finding legitimate ways to make money online can be difficult, but one site most of us trust is  I have recently started a YouTube channel for gaming (Call of Duty, BF3, etc..) and wanted to share this information with all of you.  My channel can be found at

YouTube videos can be monetized with AdSense, but that isn't necessarily the only way to make money on YouTube.  You can use YouTube videos to advertise your brand, your blog, or even your product.  YouTube is one of the biggest markets on the web, just a few stats to remind you:
  • Over 800 million unique users per month
  • Over 4 billion hours of video watched each month
  • YouTube is available from 350 million devices
How many other platforms can say they have this much traffic and keep a straight face.  YouTube is also very socially oriented, people talk about videos and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and through emails.

What is holding you back from jumping into YouTube? If you don't know how to use it, I'm sure there are millions of videos that can show you how it's done!  Below is the 1st video from my gaming channel if you are interested.