Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It has been confirmed that is no longer accepting U.S. residents, but as far as we know it is still accepting international users.  I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you, but I will try to keep an eye on the site and let you know if and when they start accepting U.S. residents again. 

If anyone has sites they would like to recommend for me to try, please leave them in the comments section below.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I attempted to join and found that they are not accepting new registrations.  I will look into this and update all of you once this is solved.  My apologies if that has inconvenienced you in any way.


Current SuperPoints balance
So I have decided that I won't be completing any more offers or surveys for SuperPoints.  I get about 2 emails a day from them and every other one is a survey.  I have attempted 10 surveys all together and have never once been accepted to complete a survey.  I have also done offers to install games on my computer today (which are probably riddled with spyware) and I have never received the points.  I will not put anymore effort into this offer, but I will not close the case until I get my $5.  It might be awhile judging by how slowly I get points.  Also, I haven't won anything with the Super Lucky Button in days now.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Make Money on the Side, Easy -

Incentivized surveys or online surveys as they are most commonly known have been a great way to boost ones income. These are usually done by websites that are given the task by companies to ask people of their opinions. Usually on a certain product or service that has or has yet to come out. Online surveys are VERY easy to do and are generally done in one’s free time. 

Online surveys are usually done by stay-at-home mums, students, the elderly and those willing to give their opinions. You get paid a small amount by some surveys, typically $0.50 - $2 at the most. But there are those companies that are willing to pay you more for the work that you put in - usually $2 - $4 more for the same amount of time.
The money that you receive is not what you would normally get through a nine to five work day but it’s certainly uplifting to know that your opinion is much sought after. Imagine that, people are willing to pay you for your opinion!
MySurvey is a worldwide group of consumers from all over who influence future products and services by volunteering to participate in consumer research.
I've used the Australian version of this online survey website and I can vouch for its efficacy. So far I've netted (not grossed) over $95 in over 3 months. Now I know that’s not a lot, but it has its perks. The points that you get can be converted to either;
  • PayPal cash; 
  • Facebook Credits;
  • Amazon e-certificates;
  • And much more!
What is interesting about this website is that they ask for your personal details once you’ve finished signing up. The thing is that they are surveys as well. Now, before you get hesitant you can rest assured that it is completely normal for them to ask you this – unlike others. Plus you get points immediately for giving your personal details.

Your home address, phone number, medical history, annual salary, etc. are required for them to direct you to more personalized surveys that match your lifestyle. So pretty much, the more you tell them about yourself the more likely you are to get surveys. Especially the bigger ones that ranges from $3 - $6.

All in all - try it out for yourself - it’s a good way to earn money on the side without it getting too hectic.
Other versions:

About Earl A.
Earl A. is founder and editor of Just a Thought and Epic Theatrical Music. Learn more about him here.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Blogger Community: Guest Writers and Followers

Today I was asked two questions that I thought I should share with you guys.  MyNameIsEarl asked if he could be a guest writer on my blog, the answer to him and everyone else is ... absolutely!  If anyone wants to provide content for my blog, I am very happy to accept that request.  The other question was sent in as an email, the person was letting me know that they are following my blog and asked if I would follow them too.  The answer might not be the same from all bloggers, but my answer is and always will be yes.  If you are willing to follow my blog (which by the way is a huge honor) then I will follow your blog.

Also, I take following very seriously.  I have all the blogs I follow bookmarked and I visit each blog every morning.  If there are no posts I close it and move to the next one.  If someone posted an article I read it and try to comment on the post.  The only exception is Saturdays and Sundays, I may not always check my blogs or your blogs on the weekend.  I feel that the people I follow and my followers are a community and I will do anything to make sure that the community is active and happy.

Again, I want to thank all of you for reading my blog(s) and joining in the discussion.  Thanks to all that have followed me and brought me to where I am now.  I enjoy blogging much more than I ever thought I would and seeing the page views go up everyday brings a smile to my face.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


In the last week I have received about 7 emails from  I currently have 88 points (88 cents) in my account.  Spinning the Superlucky button takes far too long and doesn't earn a whole lot.  I tried a survey and kept getting denied and finally completed one for 42 points.  My goal is to get 500 points and quit, then I will be able to cash out for $5 on Paypal.  Once I receive the $5 I will close the case on

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Take It Offline

Everyday there are millions of people trying to make a living on the internet.  I'm sure a lot of my readers are in the same boat.  Sometimes staring at a computer screen day in and day out can get a little tiring.  The best thing to do when you are getting burned out is to, take it offline.  Take the drive, motivation, and energy that you use to make money online and bring it to the real world.  There are many things you can do to make a quick couple dollars.

  • Collect scrap metal, whether it be aluminum cans or copper wire there is money to be made on scrap.
  • Sell services on Craigslist; offer to rake leaves for a fee, offer to drive someone that has no vehicle, offer to haul away junk that might make you money.
  • Sell old/new stuff on Craigslist or eBay, I'm sure we all have some junk that is worth some money.  You know what they say, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."
  • Find part time jobs or gigs that are within your talents.  If you build, take pictures, sing/act, or have a technical skill there is always someone out there who needs you.
Yes, I know I said take it offline and then 2 of my items included being online.  The goods you are selling or the services you offer are offline and the time spent on the computer can be short.  If anyone wants to add anything leave it in the comments section below.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update: Bing Rewards

I logged onto Bing Rewards today since my day has been reset, so that I can do a little more research for you guys.  This may vary by account, but I would need some input from others to confirm.  I am eligible for 13 credits a day.  3 credits for the daily offer (usually just click on a link and view information) and 10 credits for doing 20 searches on Bing.  This takes me 45 seconds to complete for the day.  Since I figured that for Microsoft Points, 1 credit is 1 penny, I will use that to calculate.  It is early for me, so bear with me if my calculations are a bit off.

In one hour there are 80 units of 45 seconds.  In 45 seconds I earned 13 credits (or .13 cents).  If I multiply .13 by 80 I get $10.40 per hour.  Surprisingly for an online gig this is a pretty high money vs time.  Now the part we all need to understand is to earn "1 hour of pay" you would need to do this 80 days straight.  This can really deter you from doing this offer, but when you think about it, how hard is it to get 45 seconds of each day to do this?  To cash in on 100 Microsoft Points we are looking at a little over 9 and a half days.

When you first sign up for the program there are quite a few extra offers, so the first 125 credits can be earned fairly quickly.  If you have 45 seconds of your day to spare, why don't you give it a shot?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Update: Bing Rewards

Just as an update, about 2 minutes after I submitted my redemption for Microsoft Points I received them.  This makes this particular offer even sweeter, as my only gripe was waiting a few weeks for an email with the redemption code.  I currently have 75 points left and when I get back to 125 I will update how long it took to redeem.

I just got one of the guys at work to start doing this offer and he mentioned that you can sell the points on ebay for about $0.99.  I am not sure of the legality of this, so I will not endorse this idea in any way.

Bing Rewards

Bing Logo
Offer valid for U.S. residents only, must provide a valid U.S. mailing address.
This isn't really a work from home, earn your living type offer, but more of a nice way to save money.  The whole premise of this program is that you use Bing to search, find deals, check the weather, and many other things.  You are given points for various tasks, usually things like search 20 times and get 10 points.  I use this program to get Microsoft Points for my Xbox 360, it is a nice way to shave a few bucks off of game purchases.  I have compiled a list of rewards  that my readers might be interested.

  • Free Redbox Rental - 99 credits
  • 100 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 - 125 credits
  • $5 Groupon eGift Card - 523 credits
  • Xbox LIVE 1 Month Gold Membership - 999 credits
  • $2.50 Gift Card - 275 credits
  • $5 Gift Card - 525 credits
  • Hulu Plus 1-Month Subscription - 694 credits
So lets figure that 1600 Microsoft points retail for $19.99, and Bing Rewards gives them away for 125 credits. When purchased 80 points are worth $1,  or 1.25 cents each.  So for 125 credits you are receiving 100 Microsoft points, making the Bing Rewards points worth 1 cent each.  This makes sense because Bing is a Microsoft product, and obviously Microsoft points are as well meaning that Microsoft does not have to pay for these rewards.  

A Redbox rental is worth more that 99 cents so this is also a good deal.  As far as products from retailers such as Amazon are concerned, the rewards have a little extra tacked on, such as the $5 Gift Card.  The 5 dollars Amazon gift card is 525 credits, which means to us that we are "paying" an additional 25 cents to buy these rewards.

I have personally used this service over the last year and cashed out on around $32 worth of Microsoft Points, but I don't do it religiously everyday.  After my Xbox LIVE account was hacked, I stopped using it (About 6 months ago) and just started using it again on Saturday.  I currently have 200 points racked up and will be buying 100 Microsoft Points.  In the past, the points are emailed and I usually receive them within 2 weeks of redemption.

The time spent on Bing each day is around 2 minutes and my average points earned in 5 minutes is around 20 credits. Theoretically, this is around $6 dollars an hour even though it can't be earned consistently.  Sweepstakes are offered as well, but I don't do the whole luck thing.

This program also has a referral program that gives 25 credits for each 5 people referred.  As always, I will post my referral code below.  This program would also go great with Amazon Mechanical Turk in that you can earn money with MTurk and also use gift cards from Bing to shop on

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Update #1

2nd email in 2 days...

I have received 2 of these "SuperLucky Mails" since yesterday, the first one for 2 points and the second for 1.  It's kind of a cool idea, but it really seems like an annoyance.  Now, if I got a penny for every penny I've ever opened there would be an incentive.  I also received an email letting me know about some of the rewards available and about some people that have thousands of dollars in earnings.

I'm still on the fence about SuperPoints, but I do enjoy pressing that button everyday.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Start a Blog!

I would love to see some other people writing about these things.  So get out there and start a blog! has an easy interface and you can get to blogging in around 5 minutes.  You can follow other bloggers and start a community of people that read your blog and you read theirs.  I am currently writing on 3 blogs daily:

I really enjoy having a place to share my thoughts and have people read them and respond.  If any of my readers start a blog, please follow me and let me know your address and I will return the favor.  If you need to get more traffic I am more than willing to allow guest writers on my blog to talk about the topic at hand.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Case Closed:

I am closing the case on Mega Typers.  This site requires far too much work just to make a tiny little bit of money.  Even with the referral system the limits are set way too high.  I can't see myself investing any more time or effort into this venture.  I will take the time saved to look into other sites.  I hope this helped all of my readers out there to make a decision on this site.  Any time you see make money solving captchas, don't waste your time.

Also, on the flip side I tried to decide a legitimate usage for this site.  The only thing I can come up with is that the company behind it is trying to run bots past captchas using humans to solve the codes.  I am not comfortable with that!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yet another referral system way to make money online.  This one has all the usuals, but has the Super Lucky Button.  You get 5 spins at first and you can win credits, I believe 1 credit is 1 penny.  Then you complete some basic information and get more spins, after that you create an advanced profile and upload a picture.  Then you invite a few friends and you get more spins and the money they earn.  We will look into it and I will update you.  As always the referral link is below.

The Super Lucky Button

Amazon Mechanical Turk Logo

I heard about Amazon's Mechanical Turk service while searching the web.  The idea of this site is that there are some jobs that computers cannot automate.  Things like copying business cards, accurate translations, and calling businesses to get e-mail addresses.  I spent approximately 10 minutes setting up my account and doing HITs (jobs) and then logged off.  I logged back in a few days later and found that I had a little over $3.00 in my account.  I figured I would jump on this weekend and make a little more.  Yesterday I was shopping for some cables on Amazon and found what I needed, I then proceeded to checkout and found that I could pay with my Amazon Payments account, which included the money from MTurk.  I was very pleased with this as there is no real waiting involved, and no minimum you need to earn.

I will keep working on this one and fill you all in on the details, my nice goal is to earn enough to buy an Xbox 360 game.  If I can use this just to fuel my gaming habit I will be happy!  The site to join and get started is  Enjoy!

Monday, February 6, 2012

I will be looking into as well.  My referral link is:
This site allows you to do offers, take surveys, watch videos, and refer other people to make money. Logo

The first site I will be looking into is  This site has you solve Captchas and pays for every 1000 you complete.  This site has a referral program that allows you to make money from the people you refer.

When signing up for MegaTypers my referral code is: DDR

I will need to try this site for a little while before making a decision.  As far as I can tell this sites pays little money for a lot of work.  If you have any experience with this site, please let me know.

Money Making Scams

Hey!  My name is Ryan and I created this blog to help weed out all of the money making scams online.  We all see the scams every day, things like make $1,000 a day.  They seem great, but once you get in you find out that they are too good to be true.  I will try to post at least 1 site a week with my experiences.