Monday, February 20, 2012

Bing Rewards

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Offer valid for U.S. residents only, must provide a valid U.S. mailing address.
This isn't really a work from home, earn your living type offer, but more of a nice way to save money.  The whole premise of this program is that you use Bing to search, find deals, check the weather, and many other things.  You are given points for various tasks, usually things like search 20 times and get 10 points.  I use this program to get Microsoft Points for my Xbox 360, it is a nice way to shave a few bucks off of game purchases.  I have compiled a list of rewards  that my readers might be interested.

  • Free Redbox Rental - 99 credits
  • 100 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 - 125 credits
  • $5 Groupon eGift Card - 523 credits
  • Xbox LIVE 1 Month Gold Membership - 999 credits
  • $2.50 Gift Card - 275 credits
  • $5 Gift Card - 525 credits
  • Hulu Plus 1-Month Subscription - 694 credits
So lets figure that 1600 Microsoft points retail for $19.99, and Bing Rewards gives them away for 125 credits. When purchased 80 points are worth $1,  or 1.25 cents each.  So for 125 credits you are receiving 100 Microsoft points, making the Bing Rewards points worth 1 cent each.  This makes sense because Bing is a Microsoft product, and obviously Microsoft points are as well meaning that Microsoft does not have to pay for these rewards.  

A Redbox rental is worth more that 99 cents so this is also a good deal.  As far as products from retailers such as Amazon are concerned, the rewards have a little extra tacked on, such as the $5 Gift Card.  The 5 dollars Amazon gift card is 525 credits, which means to us that we are "paying" an additional 25 cents to buy these rewards.

I have personally used this service over the last year and cashed out on around $32 worth of Microsoft Points, but I don't do it religiously everyday.  After my Xbox LIVE account was hacked, I stopped using it (About 6 months ago) and just started using it again on Saturday.  I currently have 200 points racked up and will be buying 100 Microsoft Points.  In the past, the points are emailed and I usually receive them within 2 weeks of redemption.

The time spent on Bing each day is around 2 minutes and my average points earned in 5 minutes is around 20 credits. Theoretically, this is around $6 dollars an hour even though it can't be earned consistently.  Sweepstakes are offered as well, but I don't do the whole luck thing.

This program also has a referral program that gives 25 credits for each 5 people referred.  As always, I will post my referral code below.  This program would also go great with Amazon Mechanical Turk in that you can earn money with MTurk and also use gift cards from Bing to shop on


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