Monday, April 2, 2012

I Love Bing Rewards!

I love Bing Rewards, now let me tell you why.  I have been doing my "tasks" everyday and so has Ashley.  I have 3 other people doing it just because.  That means that every week on average I receive codes for about 500 Microsoft Points.  By my calculations that is about $6.25 USD every week that is coming in, can't beat it since I am only doing about 5 minutes of work each day.  

Yesterday, while playing Xbox 360, I noticed on the dashboard that a Games on Demand special was running.  I have never looked at these games because they are expensive compared to GameStop and you can only use a credit card, no Microsoft Points.  Well at least that is what I thought!  I have been wanting to play the Mass Effect trilogy ever since I heard about the original Mass Effect.  I have never thought to pick it up at the store and when I do it is out of stock.  Mass Effect was on sale yesterday for $14.99 and it was $19.99 at GameStop earlier that day while I was out and about.  I clicked on Mass Effect and noticed that at the bottom of the screen there was an option to "Pay with Microsoft Points."  I pressed that button and confirmed the purchase for 1200 Microsoft Points.  

The moral of the story is that I probably would have never played Mass Effect if it wasn't for Bing Rewards.  I still haven't actually played Mass Effect as it is an 8gb download and for some odd reason took over 12 hours to download.  I just thought it would be nice to be able to post a success story today!


  1. Dayum boi, that's awesome!

    So what are you really netting, points or cash? If points then are you able to convert that into cash and if so, can you put it into a paypal account?

    Although I take it that this offer is only open to US residents.

    1. About 625 points a week, which is about $6 USD. They can't be turned into cash, only rewards. And yes I am sorry this is US only :(