Friday, March 30, 2012

Padbux, Scam or Not?

I was recently referred to Padbux and thought it might be worth giving a try.  The ads claim that you get 15 cents per ad click and the minimum payout is $1.00.  I created my account and jumped in to look around at the site.  The ads provided only pay $0.01 instead of $0.15 as stated.  The minimum payout is $3.00 instead of $1.00 as far as I can see.

My first day I was offered 8 ads and my account had $0.10 in it from registration.  I went through the ads and earned $0.08.  Basically you click on each ad, a new tab opens, after it is open 20 seconds you type a 2 digit verification code, the page closes and you go on to the next ad.  While the 20 seconds is counting down you can be in another tab doing whatever you want.  This is nice because I only spent about 15 seconds actively dealing with the ads.  However, the next day I logged on and only had 5 ads available and earned $0.05.  For logging on to the site twice I have $0.23 in my account that I can withdraw once I reach $3.00.  At $0.08 earned each day, you should earn $2.40 in one month if you logged on every single day.

Is Padbux a scam?  That is a hard question to answer.  You can "rent" referrals and you can "upgrade" your membership, these ideas seem a little scammy to me.  I would declare the site as a definite waste of time, but not a scam just yet.  I will continue to log into the site for a few weeks and see what I can declare after that.

Padbux pays via Liberty Reserve, AlertPay, and PayPal.  They pay you for referrals as well, so as always my referral link is below.


  1. Apparently it is, I've heard from a lot of different people in a forum that Padbux is not worth your time.

    You can still try it if you want to make a review, just saying.

    1. It certainly seems like it isn't worth the time. I will still try it out for my readers.