Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Case Closed: Superpoints.com

Superpoints.com Redemption Threshold by Membership Level

It is official, I am closing the case on Superpoints.com.  I was looking through the site when I stumbled on the picture you see above.  It seems at my current membership level, I can only cash out once I reach 2,500 points.  At the next level (Refer 2 Friends), I can cash out at 1,000 points.  If I refer 5 friends I can cash out at 500, which was my previous goal.  The reason I am closing the case is because requiring referrals is ridiculous and pointless.

I know that I can make fake email addresses and fake Superpoints accounts, I am not going to do that because it isn't worth my time just for $5.   I'll let the account sit and months from now collect all my lucky mails and see where that puts me, but I am putting no more effort into that site.  I can't say whether it is a scam or legit, but I am going to call it a scam regardless.


  1. cuck your sunny

  2. Superpoints is not a scam I personally use it and have made some nice pocket money.

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  3. I cashed out only once and it paid immediately by email. However now instead of 2500 points I need to make 3600 points for the same $25 pay level. Also many, many of the offers have turned out to me malicious threats that my anti virus software has caught. I stopped using the site because I never got the points offered. I have over 100 offers on my account that I never got paid for.