Friday, March 16, 2012

Update: Bing Rewards

Ashley's Bing rewards Search and Earn
My Bing rewards Search and Earn
In the Bing Rewards rules it states that multiple people in the same house can indeed earn rewards.  Ashley and I both have a Bing Rewards account and we earn our points each day.  Her account always seems to make more credits than mine does, so I looked into it.  She can earn up to 20 credits daily and I can only earn up to 10.  Also her daily rewards tend to be worth 1 more point than mine are.
Also on my account referral offers keep disappearing and reappearing with different values.  Microsoft must be restructuring this program. 
If you signed up for this program, let me know how many you can earn each day.  Also, if you have multiple people in your house get them to start earning you points.  I just cashed out 250 Microsoft points today and a friend of mine earns for me and is sending me 125 later on today.


  1. Pretty good insight!

    You know I would love if a writer talented like you would visit my blog and check things out!

    Let me know,


  2. @Jake Daniel - Thank you for the compliment. I will visit your blog and keep an eye on your writing.

  3. Hello, and thanks for following my blog, I am following here too. It's funny how we both wrote about Bing. I like it so far. Getting paid a little for doing what I am doing for free is a bonus!!

  4. @Virtual Paul - Ya it is nice to get paid for searching. I play quite a bit of Xbox so Bing Rewards helps to cut the cost.

  5. I noticed a little typo in that last paragraph, I meant to say I was cashing out 250 Bing points for 200 MSP and my buddy was cashing out 125 Bing points for 100 MSP. Sorry if I confused anyone!

  6. I have one account that earns 30 points a day
    , an other that only does 15 points a day which does not make any sense. I have tried making multible accounts and they keep shutting them down not sure why. Hope this helps.

  7. are you both the same level?