Monday, March 26, 2012

Update: YouData.Com

I received this in my email on Friday night.  I couldn't stop laughing, just the thought of someone sending 49 cents is hilarious to me. When I got home I logged into PayPal and found this:

So I finally found a legit place to make money online!  Hold that thought, there is a little problem with YouData.  I earned this money and now have to wait until other offers are listed on my account.  I logged in again today and nothing.  This is the problem with good sites they only have a few offers available, but they do pay real money.

I will keep an eye on my YouData account and I will keep you all updated.


  1. It actually seems pretty promising. I haven't had much surveys given to me lately but this could be a decent extra side earner.

    I'll just wait for the update mate!

  2. @MynameisEarl - The real question is can you do this? Being outside the US I mean.

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